Longarm Services

We have a state-of-the-art Gammill longarm quilting machine along with a computer-run Statler pattern quilter. With a selection of over 300 patterns, we have something for everyone.  Drop off your quilt and we will do the work for you.

Longarm cost: Length of quilt multiplied by width times 0.0125 equals the cost for a meander (stipple) pattern. Any other of our huge selection of patterns would be: Length multiplied by width multiplied by 0.0175 for a pantograph design equals cost. All quilts that are placed on the Gammill have a minimum set up fee of $35 for a meander and $45 for a pantograph, regardless of size. We have a $5.00 charge for thread.

Please be sure the backing of your quilt extends at least four inches larger on all sides of the quilt top. We have extra-wide backing available at the store. Please note that we cannot accept sheets for backing!

We offer different types of batting which can be purchased at the time your quilt is being quilted. We also have a large variety of thread colors from which to choose.

Long Arm Tips for Customers 041615


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