Moda Sampler Shuffle Week 1, Blocks 1-3

Have you started?! Did you download your patterns? Choose your fabric? Did you start cutting for the first block and think, “Boy, these pieces are kind of small!” (A sentence that I have heard some people say with dread, and others with glee!)

As you might guess, in the world of 6″ blocks, that scant 1/4″ seam is especially important. There are lots of ways to check your seam, and many of us have a seam guide on our
machine that we use. But if you want to double check, take two strips of fabric that are each 1.5″ wide and sew them together. Press open and measure across: it should be 2.5″ – if it isn’t, play with adjusting your seam guide until you find the right spot.

Speaking of pressing – try pressing your seams open, instead of to one side or the other. In a small block with multiple seams, this can really reduce bulk and make your job easier!

Other useful tools for these little blocks include triangle papers. We’ll be having a triangle paper demo on Saturday, 11/7 at 3pm – if you’ve never used them, you will want
to check this out!
The beloved Bloc Loc ruler is another aid to keep in mind!
Oh, but enough about tips and tools! Let’s look at the blocks!

Four versions of Block 2:

To see more examples from more shuffle participants, you can also follow #modasamplershuffle and #quilterseden on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch our design wall fill up!

For more information, check out our Moda Sampler Shuffle page!

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