We have a winner! (plus, fabric you can’t help but pet)

Thanksgiving morning we spun the Random Number Generator to find the winner for our giveaway and up popped the number 3 – Kathleen Johnson! Check your email, Kathleen!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about the new web site. We appreciate the compliments, the suggestions, and that you took the time to tour the site. It is a new venture for us, one we are very excited about, and we are happy to share the excitement with you!

Now, about that fabric…I think we can all agree that touching fabric is one of the great sensory pleasures of quilting, perhaps second only to the visual beauty we see taking shape under our hands. When we hear somene talk about the hand of a fabric or the crispness of a freshly ironed block, we all nod knowingly.

But right now we have in the store fabric that goes beyond that. It is hard to walk by it without reaching out to give it a pet. Have you ever touched a fluffy kitten? A freshly groomed puppy? Grandma’s rabbit fur stole?

The Cuddle Cubes hold twelve 19″x19″ squares of Cuddle fabric in coordinated collections (think pink & mocha, blue & green, animal prints…). Inside the box is also a pattern for a 60×70 quilt and the cube holds all the fabric you need for the top (batting, backing, and binding not included). Of course, these are great for toddlers, who love everything plush and find the tactile world so irresistible, but frankly, doesn’t everyone need something soft?

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One Response to We have a winner! (plus, fabric you can’t help but pet)

  1. Mary says:

    I love these!! Your store is the first place I found them and they are AMAZING!! I have purchased several for gifts!!

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