Christmas Tree One

Fifteen years ago we would have three Christmas trees up in our home and TONS of garland everywhere.  Oh, the flowers, lights and wreaths!  The kids were so small and I stayed home to “play” with them.  Since then we have moved at least four times since then (not very many for an Air Force family).  Our Christmas decorating has gotten less and less, but this year…we are going all out again!  All of the Christmas dishes are coming out, every nut cracker, every tree is going up, the funny thing is that I can not find all of the garland and lights!   This is one of the small trees which we have put up it has the White House Christmas ornaments that we have collected for the years we have lived in the Washington DC area.  One of my dearest girlfriends has the MOST BEAUTIFUL White House ornament trees EVER!  She also has 13 other trees too! 

What are you doing this year to make your Christmas special?

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One Response to Christmas Tree One

  1. judith says:

    She knows 13 is not a good place to stop. 12 is good. 12 days of Christmas, right. Maybe she has 12 plus a bonus tree. That would be good. Love yours. We bought a fake this year. We went to buy a real one and it was raining and they were expensive, so we went home to put up ours. Only we forgot that we threw it away in the last flood. So we went out and bought one. Lights included. So much easier.
    Love your ribbons!

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