Our little car full of treasures…

     This is Marilynn all squeezed into Brian’s car after a LONG couple of days of shopping!  Can you see how far up she has the seat?  Thankfully she is a petite person and easy to shop with.  We have a child’s shopping cart, sheets, kid sewing machine, a tea cart and so many other treasures.  Oh, I forgot – YARDS and YARDS of fabric – I bet we had over 100 yards of fabric in that car too.   Marilynn and I went to a Shop Hop meeting and had to pick up all of our fabric to give to our Quilt Minnesota shop hop customers who had gone to all eleven shops in our area.  It was hysterical seeing how much we could get into this car.  Poor Brian!  He will never go to Minneapolis with us again – or anywhere else.


When are we going shopping again???  I can’t WAIT!!

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One Response to Our little car full of treasures…

  1. Katie Trott says:

    does he have a sun roof?? that is a california car for sure 🙂
    looks like you girls had some fun!

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