Showcase quilt

     I made this cute quilt the other day – it is too bad that my photo taking skills are not as good as my sewing skills.  This quilt just screams for a minkie on the back and a warm cozy fireplace.  It was so much fun making it.  Can you believe it only took six fat quarters for the squares!  I am going to make a baby quilt, twin size quilt and a queen size quilt in the next few weeks using the same pattern.  I love that it really shows off the fabric.  Sometimes I just hate cutting up fabric in such small pieces that you can not see the pattern on the fabric.

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2 Responses to Showcase quilt

  1. Judith says:

    Where are the prices? Where are the sizes? Where can I buy these and other beautiful quilts????

  2. Judith says:

    Did you see the eye glass case on KatieJean with the date? I love how it is cut at the bottom like that. That is definitely one of those times, when cutting the piece makes all the difference. Otherwise it’s like, what the hell is that doing there.
    And love the minkie. When faced with choosing two blankets, always pick the soft one..

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