New strip quilt

     My family and I have been snowed in for a few days and there is more snow to come.  I get bored really easy and need to be entertained – so to entertain myself this weekend I made a strip quilt.  The quilt guild in North Dakota that I am a member of (when I can remember to pay my dues) gives away quilts to children and others if they are needed.  I needed to make a boy quilt.  Being the mama of two boys I have found there is not alot of “boy fabric” around.  I found some really cute pieces and made a quilt – I love it!  It was so fun and a much needed diversion.  I do not mind being in the house for days on end, I just get bored with the everyday laundry, cooking and cleaning.  I wanted to make something that was not expected of me.  I have brought several projects from Quilter’s Eden that need to me sewn into store samples.  I think I did two last week and I have started another really cute sample for the store.  I even started a girl strip quilt and have a couple more ideas to sew up more strips.  Time to get to the sewing machine.

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4 Responses to New strip quilt

  1. Joan Gunter says:

    Ruby Swan. Colorful and fun to work with.

  2. Donna Beattie says:

    Ruby collection – grey sublime

    Would be good in the stainless steel and gray kitchens of today.

  3. Judith says:

    That is amazing! I would forget what I was doing and go into a trance and fall of my chair making something like that, looking at that so close, but to wrap up in, I would love that. That is going to be some lucky boy!

  4. katiejean says:

    I love this fabric! so juicy 🙂

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