Habitat Quilt

     This is the Habitat quilt I sent last week to Quilter’s Eden to be quilted.  I can’t wait to see how Mary M. and Amy quilt it! 

     This afternoon Mary M. called and let me know that we have received new fabrics that include Batiks!  We have also just received new notions just in time for Christmas.  It is so much fun to open the big boxes that come into the store from Fred (our UPS man).   Today we received the Gypsy Sit-Upon!  Have you seen one?  It is so great for your inner core when you are sitting at your sewing machine or computer.  Sit Upon keeps you balanced and very comfortable.  I have one and I love it! 

     Do you have any favorite notions?

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2 Responses to Habitat Quilt

  1. Judith says:

    What’s this sit upon? I swear sometimes my butt is killing me from sitting all day, to the point where I have to sleep on my stomach at night, you know? Love the quilt. I think it’s looking at me.

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