Trees Up! Lights On!

     Have you ever seen this quilt?  Marilynn from Quilter’s Eden made it a couple of years ago and it is still one of our best selling kits and patterns!  It is such a pretty Christmas quilt.  Connie (a QE teacher) has taught this class several times.  We just love it!  One of our favorite customers (Janet) made this quilt out of brown and pink fabrics!  It was so pretty too.  We also have a similar pattern that looks like packages.  We love that one too!  You can call Quilter’s Eden at 218-773-0773 and order the pattern for Trees Up!  Lights On!  anytime. 

     Yesterday I received THREE quilts in the mail from Quilter’s Eden that are gifts for family/friends for Christmas.  I am so excited to have them back.  It is just amazing what quilting will do to a flat piece of pieced fabric.  Thank you Amy and Mary!  I love my quilts.  I am going to have to take a photo of two of the quilts so you can see how pretty they are.  One of them I think you have already seen.  I have put the binding on one of the quilts last night – it will be going to North Dakota for Jeff’s family gift exchange.  I am so excited to have these little projects almost finished. 

     Happy Holidays!!

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