Looks wonky.

     I finished this little quilt a few weeks ago and sent it off to Quilter’s Eden to be quilted.  Now that I see a photo of the quilt it looks a bit wonky.  It must be that I do not have it on the design wall correctly.  I was looking through quilt photos this morning trying to find two quilts to send to my husband’s family for their annual Christmas gift exchange.  I have Jeff (darling husband)  chose two quilts that he thinks they would like.  Along with the small quilts they will receive this year we are also sending some toffee and carmels that  Jeff made last night.  We started exchanging gifts a few years ago and all of the gifts have to be homemade.  This is the first year Jeff has been able to make a gift.  He is usually out saving the world.  I wish we could be in North Dakota for the day to witness the madness of the gift exchange.   I need to post some of the photos of the other gifts that have been made.

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2 Responses to Looks wonky.

  1. katiejean says:

    It sure is a cute quilt. I love the fabrics that you picked to use! Is it American Jane?

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