Mathews Regatta, VA


     Brian (in gray shorts)  had a great Regatta yesterday in Mathews, VA.   He and his team mates placed first in every event they participated in.  It was so exciting, we were able to sit next to the rowers and still able to be right at the finish line.  For lunch we had crabcake sandiches.  They were just so yummy!  I kept thinking I would bring a quilt to put binding on it, but we had a chance of rain and I did not want to chance it.  I am glad I did not bring a project – Brian and his team mates had so many races it was hard to sit in a chair.  We were all jumping up to see how the kids were doing. 

     I am so proud of Brian.  He started in a new school with 3500 kids and only knew his younger brother on the first day of school.  Now he has received so many compliments on his rowing abliity, his good nature and his character.  I knew he would be able to fit in and have a good junior year, but I never thought he would be the best rower on the team.  What a great kid!

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One Response to Mathews Regatta, VA

  1. katiejean says:

    such a cutie! he looks 20!

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