Familiar face??



     Does this gentleman’s face look familiar?  Hint:  You may have seen him on tv with President Obama.  This weekend Vice President Biden was cheering on his granddaughter in a regatta here in Virginia.  I do not remember what place her boat took in their heat.  I do remember that my son’s boat from South County Secondary School placed third in their heat.  One of the other SCSS boats placed first in their heat.  What a fun Saturday afternoon.  Big Daddy came home early from his trip to Russia and he was able to see Brian and his team mates row to victory. 

     The sweet lady in the photo with Mr. Biden could not get over that he was at the Occoquan River with us.  What a great crew of secret service Mr. Biden has…they were able to do a preety good job of blending in with the crowd.   You can see two of the secret service also in the photo.  Big Daddy used to fly Air Force Two eight years ago.  He had lots of great stories of these regular people who work so hard for our country.  It was nice to see Mr. Biden being Grandpa Biden on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Virginia.

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2 Responses to Familiar face??

  1. Judith says:

    How cool! Damn…
    We should have stayed.
    Just to see you guys, of course, Biden Smiden.
    But I have to tell you, we were exhausted when we left your house. And then the drive, we were so out of it. But I was looking at the pictures I took, none of you or Brian or Matt or Jeff. What the hell!

    Love you!

  2. katie trott says:

    He is kinda cute 🙂

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