Quilter’s Eden


     This is another photo of my sweet store.  I just miss it so much.  I was able to finish three quilts this week and send them off to be quilted this afternoon.  My sister Judith is coming from the Boston area and I want to get a few more quilts finished before she and her family arrive.  She will be travelling with her husband, two children, my cousin Christine and Christine’s three children.  We are going to need to use my sewing studio as a bedroom.  I should take a photo of my “studio.”  I have stacks of plastic drawers in the closet.  I should count how many drawers I have.   I wonder how many yards of fabric are in those drawers.   Now I am a bit freaked out.  Like most quilters I have enough fabric for this lifetime and a few other lifetimes.  I keep thinking I am making a dent in my “stash”, but then I go back to Quilter’s Eden and bring back fabric for a sample or for a quilt for a friend, family member or just me.  It is so much fun!  I better get back to the “studio.”  The post office will wonder what happened to me if I do not show up to mail a box next week.

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One Response to Quilter’s Eden

  1. Patrick says:

    Great shop. Looks like fun there. Enjoyed spending some time on your blog:)


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