My favorite Quilt Store!


     Last month when I was in Minnesota I was able to visit my favorite quilt store – MY QUILT STORE!  I love Quilter’s Eden so much.  I was able to stay late everynight and play.  We all worked so hard on new displays.  This one was so bright with our Cherry O’ and Mary Englebrit fabrics from Moda.  I just thought it made the whole store look so cheerful and pretty.  Marilynn stayed late with me many nights and we purged and re-grouped different fabrics.  We received so many compliments on our new displays – our customers are just so thoughtful.

     Since I have been back home in Virginia I have made two new samples and started a third one.  Some days the sewing goes so quickly when I am with friends and slower at home where there is laundry, cooking and cleaning to pull me away from all the fun sewing.  I will get a photo of the newest sample quilts that are ready to be mailed to Quilter’s Eden tomorrow.  I hope the girls at the store have as much fun opening the boxes I send them as I do getting the store samples mailed to them.

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