Another Regatta Photo


     On Sunday the day after the Polar Bear Regatta I was so tired.  All of the walking in the fresh air had exhausted me.  I tried to add a binding to a quilt and I could not remember how to miter the binding together.  Finally today my brain has remembered this small, but very important task.   It was like I had never done a binding before, I could not stop laughing.  A few years ago I had the same problem with the longarm at Quilter’s Eden.  I walked up to it to put on a quilt and I was half way finished and I could not remember the next step.  It was hysterical.  Hopefully when I really lose my memory I will find it just as funny!

     Brian and his friends (team-mates) are training for the next Regatta here at the Occoquan this Saturday.  My mom was with us for two months this winter and loves Occoquan, I think she likes to say it too.  She asks me “What was the name of that town?”  “Okkawwa?”  So funny!  Maybe she is losing her memory too????

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2 Responses to Another Regatta Photo

  1. Brian is on the far right.

  2. katiejean says:

    Which one is Brian? Such a great photo of them!

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