Color Combinations

100_1056     A couple of days ago I finished “Cheese and Crackers”  and as I looked at it I remember doing a similar color combination when I made “Baby Bricks”  a few years ago.  After all this time I am still attracted to the same color combinations.  This quilt will be sent to Quilter’s Eden this afternoon to be made into kits. 

     As I look around my home I am still happy with the light colors that we have chosen (well, I have chosen).  I work all day with color and I love to have a home that is cream and beige.  Beige and cream are such different colors unless you are a man.  My favorite quilts that I have made have a very light and airy colors.  I just love to sew and everyday I am so lucky to be able to go into my sewing studio (the small bedroom) and sew all day long.  Today my project is for a gift exchange that we have every year at Quilter’s Eden with the staff.  Usually we have a Christmas exchange, but this year we are doing a Spring gift exchange.  The gift has to be handmade – I have received the most wonderful gifts in the past and I hope that my little quilt will be loved.  It is funny to be so nervous about something that you make.  Making a big quilt to be “kitted” does not make me nervous, but a quilt for a gift – OMG I am a nervous wreck.  Silly girl.

     Have a great weekend!  Happy Quilting!

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One Response to Color Combinations

  1. judith Coughlin says:

    I love this one! This is so pretty. It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought simple color changes could totally change the look of something. But the black is great.

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