Snow day

100_1054     On Monday we were lucky enogh to have a “snow day.”  My kids think this is so funny because during the six years we lived in North Dakota we had maybe two snow days the whole time.  This is our second snow day here in Virginia.  The wind chill was 1 degree, which is nothing to complain about.  In North Dakota this year the wind chill was -44 degrees.  Can you even imagine what negative 44 would feel like.  OMG is it COLD.  My older son Brian shoveled the driveway on Monday in a sweatshirt, no hat and no gloves.  What a nut.  We love having snow days – it makes us feel spoiled.  We had a wonderful breakfast, I worked on a batik quilt and we just hung out as a family.  The snow was so pretty, the weather man thought we had 8 or more inches of snow.  Brian said we only had 3 or 4.  I remember leaving Californina for Indiana in 1987 with my then boyfriend (he later became my loving husband) and the first winter in Indiana I thought I was going to die – it was just too cold.  The North Dakota/Minnesota winters were like that for me too – the wind would cut you like a knife.  Here in Virginia the winter has been so mild.  We all have loved it.  Jeff missed this snow storm – he is in Eastern Russia freezing his little tush off.  I guess it is all what you are used to.

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One Response to Snow day

  1. Judith says:

    Just an idea for a vacation. The New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA…

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