Best of Times


     The last few years that we lived in North Dakota I was a member of our local quilt guild.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a member of a satelite group which was an applique group.  At one of our last applique group meetings I was given this beautiful quilt as a going away present.  I cried and felt so honored to be given such a beautiful gift by such wonderful friends.  We had such a great time at our applique group meetings, we rarely worked on our applique projects.   Usually we ate amazing desserts, worked on binding our quilts and were laughing so hard we were not able to thread a needle at all.  Those were wonderful times that I will cherish forever! 

     Join your local guild.  You will find the most amazing quilters in the area are ready to meet you and bring you in to their hearts.  I love the North Star Quilt Guild and I can’t wait to come and visit them at there next Quilt Show in June.  I am going to be showing my friendship quilt at the show.  I know every single one of the fabrics that were used in my quilt, Connie Selle did an amazing job quilting it and every piece that was sewn and appliqued has love in it.  I see the love and I feel the love.  Many friends have signed the back of it.  I am humbled when I look at it and am in love with it at the same time.  I have it hanging in our family room where I can admire it all day long.

     Thank you NSQG Applique Group for my beautiful gift.

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2 Responses to Best of Times

  1. Judith says:

    Isn’t it great how seeing something like that everyday really makes you feel loved!
    Love you, too!


  2. Bobbie says:

    What a nice note Mary. I’m glad you like the quilt and can remember us daily by seeing it. We miss you so much.
    We still don’t get much applique done but we still eat great desserts!!
    Ask Marilynn about Fruit Nachos.

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