Baby flannel quilt


     This was one of the easiest baby quilts ever to make and fun too.  I think it took less than three hours start to finish.  I had wanted to go outside on Sunday and do some sewing, but it was just a tad too windy.  It was so nice and warm, but the wind would have blown the fabric around too much and slowed me down.

     Today I received some awful news that one of my doctors has passed away over the weekend.  I am so sad.  When we moved here seven months ago I started with a wonderful team of doctors who needed to take out a non-cancerous tumor next to my puititary gland (there ended up being two tumors).  I see and talk to these doctors and nurses all the time.  I have the most amazing team at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital and a fantastic doctor at Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Three of my doctors and I arrived in the DC area in the same month.  I can’t believe that this has happened to this wonderful man and his family.  He was so young and such a great doctor.  I am just sick about it.  I spoke with my sister Katie when I was released from the hospital about wanting to make a quilt for each of my doctors and two nurses that are on my team as a thank you.  Katie suggested making a quilt for a military member who was also getting care at Walter Reed in the name of each member of my medical team.   I have only been back sewing for two weeks and I have been sewing for my store.  This horrible event is going to push me to send a quilt to my doctors family in his memory.  I thought I had so much time to get these projects finished.  I am thankful that I have told each of my doctors and nurses how much they have meant to me and my family.  Each member of the team knows how much I appreciate the care they have given to me and being able to have my eyesight restored to 20/20 has been amazing.  I love each of them.  Let your friends and family know how much they mean to you.  Tomorrow I am going to the memorial service of a friend and serviceman.  My heart is broken.

      I am honored to have known you Dr. McLean.  Please Rest In Peace.

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One Response to Baby flannel quilt

  1. katiejean says:

    Mary, I am so sorry to hear about your Dr. How sad. I know how much you care for all of your new doctors. He was a hero.

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