Cherry O!


     Cherry O is finished!  It was my first time using Moda Turnovers – what fun they are to use.  This quilt came together so fast and was so easy.  Ann from Quilter’s Eden picked out the border fabric and it looks so cute.  I can’t wait to see how she quilts it.  Moda has such great fabric choices that I have a standing order in at Quilter’s Eden for a Layer Cake, Jelly Roll, and charm square package of every new line.  I am going to have to add turnovers to my order.  It is so fun to see what I ordered at Houston Quilt Market come in to the store in Minnesota and then come to my house in Virginia. 

     Last night I  finished the little flannel baby boy quilt and today I need to start something new from my stash.  My stash is getting a bit messy.  Today would be a good day to start a large project like Just Can’t Cut It and get some of the larger fabric cuts made into a quilt.  Just Can’t Cut It is one of my favorite gift quilts.  They are so much fun to make if you just need a day to sew and have fun. 

     When we lived in North Dakota it was fun to sew outside in the summer.  My very good friend Jacque introduced me to sewing outside.  Jacque had a great spot in her backyard where she had a pavillion set up and  would sew outside quite often.  I thought it was just a great idea when she told me about it.   It was always so quiet at Grand Forks AFB that I could just sew away the day.  Yesterday we had lunch outside for the first time this year and it was a bit loud with the cars driving along near the back of our house.  The weather was amazing, so warm and so sunny.  I think I may try to sew outside today and see what happens.  It is another beautiful day – I bet it is 50 degrees.  In North Dakota and Minnesota 50 degrees is a heat wave.   I will let you know how it goes…

     Happy Quilting!

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3 Responses to Cherry O!

  1. katiejean says:

    I think I need to see a close up of this fabric too…

  2. katiejean says:

    It is really cute fabric 🙂 You are amazing at how much you can get done!

  3. Cheryl says:

    This is beautiful! I love cherries!

    I really need to learn to quilt.

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