Chinese Coins plus three

     These are photos of the three quilts I finished this weekend.   The Chinese Coins is the quilt I finished today.  All four quilts were made from the same line of fabric ME Recipe For Friendship.  Even though the weekend was hard for me because the boys were all skiing in West Virginia.  It was a sucessful weekend once I got started and got motivated.  I was able to find more inspiration reading a few blogs.  One of my favorites

     Other than quilting the weekend away I was able to see a really good half-time show during the Super Bowl.  Bruce was great!  I was so busy watching commercials and the game that I forgot to put a binding on a quilt.  I have three quilts that need binding and the game was just too good to stop watching.

     Today Quilter’s Eden mailed me a great package full of fabric!  Have you seen the newest line from Moda?  Cherry ‘O!  So cute.  I am going to start a very cute quilt called Cherry Turnover it will be the first time I have used the turnovers.  I will let you know how it goes.

     Happy quilting!

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2 Responses to Chinese Coins plus three

  1. Jennifer says: are one busy lady!!

  2. katiejean says:

    I have seen this stacked coins one before, and I would love to try it sometime 🙂

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