Three quilts finished today.

022     Today I finished three quilts – it feels so great to have them done and ready to send to Quilter’s Eden to have them professionally quilted.  Now, the quilts were only wall hanging size, but they are finished.  With the boys skiing for the weekend I was able to have a ton of  uninterupted time.  It is so late and I am tired, but my mind is racing to find another pattern to start.  Better to wait until tomorrow,  I tend to make mistakes when I am tired and I do hate “un-sewing.” 

     Today I also received an email  from a quilt store in my area (VA).  The store has been open for 7 years and they are closing in the next month.  It makes me so very sad that so many business are laying people off and stores are having to close.  I have a small business too and I worry about my store and the community that supports it  in East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND.  I have not been back to my store in four months and I am so thankful for a wonderful staff and a very supportive community. 

     It must be time to get some sleep I am making myself teary.

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