Missing the boys




     The boys just left to go skiing in West Virginia for the weekend.  I now have not only the computer and tv to myself, but the whole house.    I am now terribly lonely for my beautiful family!  Jeff had just gotten home from a week flying around the states and he is off with the kids.  They will have such a great time together, hopefully they will have a bit of new snow and be able to get some good skiing in tomorrow and Sunday. 

     I thought I would work on a couple of little quilts while the boys are gone.  I have two cut out and ready to go.   Motivation needs to come soon. 

     Earlier this evening I received a wonderful suprise phone call from a dear friend who actually worked at Quilter’s Eden almost 3 years ago.  Chris called from Germany!  What fun she and her family are having over there.  Chris’ family has big plans for a cruise very soon.  What a way to be inspired to make a quilt.  I am going to have to look at our photos from our cruise and get some inspiration.  I find so much inspiration to make a quilt all the time around me, I now need to get motivated.  I love sewing in the house when the boys are all here.  I can hear them all downstairs laughing together doing “boy stuff” while I sew away the evening.

     I love them all and can’t wait to hear all about their latest adventure.

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