Whole quilt

dscn0225     I found the picture of the sweet little quilt. Do you just love the horses! 

     This past Sunday my mother who had been staying with us for the past two months has left.  What a great opportunity for my boys to get to know their Gram.  We had so much fun while she was here in between appointments.  I can’t believe she is gone.  Today, my little one is sick so I did not have to be alone all day.  What a change it was from being alone to having a full time companion to going back to being alone all day.  Thankfully my loving husband has invited his sister-in-law and her son to come and visit for four days!   They have not been out in the DC area for a while so it should be fun. 

    Quilting…my mother put on 8 bindings – I only managed three bindings.  I invited my mom back to finish the three quilts I found that did not have bindings on them.   She said she will come back in July when Brian flies his solo!  More on that later…

     Happy Quilting!!

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