Newest Addition

     I have started collecting pincushions and other very cute little sewing items.  So, this past Saturday my mother and I were able to attend a Antique and Flea Market in Washington, DC.   It was so much fun that I had to buy this little gem.   This little duck has a place for thread, the place for the thimble is missing, but it was really the very, cute beak!   What a scream!  I just fell in love with this little duck.  During the Antique/Flea Market I did see some chickens, but no other ducks.  I did purchase another couple of goodies that I will have to take a take a photo of and let you see them soon.dscn0700

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2 Responses to Newest Addition

  1. katiejean says:

    cute! I like the tin too!!

    Did you take a lot of photos at the flea market? You need to get a flickr account so we can see all of your photos! I know, it just means more work for you 🙂

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