An Exciting Day!


     This summer we arrived in Virginia the day before Brian’s 16th birthday.  We (Jeff, Brian, Matt and I) ran off to Kings Dominion with his Grandmother and had a wonderful day.  It was so beautiful and sunny – we all had a ball.

    Yesterday Brian was able to get his driving permit!!  It was so exciting and I was so nervous.  Brian came out and tricked me into thinking he did not pass – what a nut!  We then passed the same trick on to Jeff (the Daddy).  So funny!!  Jeff was fired up!  It was such a great day.  The days with the kids are so much fun.  The memories are so beautiful.

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One Response to An Exciting Day!

  1. katiejean says:

    Yeah Brian!! Congratulations! I can totally see him trying to trick you. I think he gets it from his Dad. Or is it you!

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