Chelsea’s quilt






During the Christmas holidays I was lucky to have my Mother visit from California as well as my sister and her family from Massachuttets.   My niece had picked out some fabric for a quilt for her new room.  It is Alexander Henry fabric and some others.  We spent a few days finding a quilt pattern and I was able to get it finished and mailed to Quilter’s Eden for quilting.  I can’t wait for her to come and visit during Spring break so I can give it to her.

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2 Responses to Chelsea’s quilt

  1. Ann A says:

    I love the quilt, that is the material that I used to do my Japanese quilt for my girlfriend when her son was teaching their. I clicked on the web address today and it worked don’t know what was going on the other day, I am sure it was the user at this end!!! We are cold cold cold this week!!! and blowing snow, bet you don’t miss that!!
    Ann A

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