If you stopped into the shop recently, or received your email newsletter, you know that we assembled a list of “must-haves” and “really-wants” for quilters to check off and leave lying around the house in strategic locations (under the remote control? tucked inside a newspaper? taped to the center of the bathroom mirror?). We’ve had fun helping shoppers find gifts for loved ones – a gift certificate for a lucky teacher, a cutting mat for mom, and the husband who came in and bought several nice tools for his new-quilter wife. We would never admit to knowing this, but the small daughter of one of our employees even came in to choose some FQs for mommy!

Of course, there are other kinds of lists to make this time of year, aren’t there? That’s right, we’re talking about the R-word!


Promises we make to ourselves. Now, many people go ahead and make resolutions that are really a list of things not to do wrong in the new year, things you might want to beat yourself up for doing this past year (cheesecake binge of June 2011, we might be looking at you).  But other people prefer to make lists of things to accomplish, things to learn, things to try, and things to look forward to checking off. Maybe it is a plan to finish one unfinished project each quarter (check!). Maybe it is a plan to finally dive into free-form pieceing (check!). Maybe it is a desire to take one quilt from idea to finished piece over the course of the year (wait – how many days left in 2011?). Whatever the case, we hope you will make at least one resolution that will feed your creative spirit in 2012!

At the store, we are busy planning new kits in BEAUTIFUL fabric, putting together an irresistible line up of classes that will kick off in January, and stealthily planning amazing things for upcoming shop hops. What about you?

Thanksgiving morning we spun the Random Number Generator to find the winner for our giveaway and up popped the number 3 – Kathleen Johnson! Check your email, Kathleen!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about the new web site. We appreciate the compliments, the suggestions, and that you took the time to tour the site. It is a new venture for us, one we are very excited about, and we are happy to share the excitement with you!

Now, about that fabric…I think we can all agree that touching fabric is one of the great sensory pleasures of quilting, perhaps second only to the visual beauty we see taking shape under our hands. When we hear somene talk about the hand of a fabric or the crispness of a freshly ironed block, we all nod knowingly.

But right now we have in the store fabric that goes beyond that. It is hard to walk by it without reaching out to give it a pet. Have you ever touched a fluffy kitten? A freshly groomed puppy? Grandma’s rabbit fur stole?

The Cuddle Cubes hold twelve 19″x19″ squares of Cuddle fabric in coordinated collections (think pink & mocha, blue & green, animal prints…). Inside the box is also a pattern for a 60×70 quilt and the cube holds all the fabric you need for the top (batting, backing, and binding not included). Of course, these are great for toddlers, who love everything plush and find the tactile world so irresistible, but frankly, doesn’t everyone need something soft?

We are wrapping up another great session of Connie’s class for newbies at Quilter’s Eden. Though to tell the truth, some of the students have been quilting for years! A newbie class can be a good way to learn new techniques, clean up any “bad habits” you’ve developed over the years, and meet new quilters.

In this class, each student makes the same projects, but chooses her own fabrics. One of the best parts, everyone agrees, is seeing how different the same design can look in different colors, values, and prints. Below, you will see the four quilts created this fall – all are in the process of being basted.

Do you need a yard of fabric?

And now…about that giveaway…After months of hard work Quilter’s Eden has a fancy new web site full of beautiful and fun fabric and patterns! On the home page is a slide show of photos from the shop. There are many other features to explore, including a survey on the home page under the Quick Links menu. We are super proud of our new site!

Take a few minutes (or more!) to visit the site and see for yourself! Then come back here and let us know what you think. Which fabric got you thinking about new projects? Or maybe about finishing an old one? Leave a comment with your answer between now and Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at midnight. We’ll let the Random Number Generator choose the lucky winner of a yard of the fabric you mention!

You can also find Quilter’s Eden on Facebook (look for our tree!) and on Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Tree One

Fifteen years ago we would have three Christmas trees up in our home and TONS of garland everywhere.  Oh, the flowers, lights and wreaths!  The kids were so small and I stayed home to “play” with them.  Since then we have moved at least four times since then (not very many for an Air Force family).  Our Christmas decorating has gotten less and less, but this year…we are going all out again!  All of the Christmas dishes are coming out, every nut cracker, every tree is going up, the funny thing is that I can not find all of the garland and lights!   This is one of the small trees which we have put up it has the White House Christmas ornaments that we have collected for the years we have lived in the Washington DC area.  One of my dearest girlfriends has the MOST BEAUTIFUL White House ornament trees EVER!  She also has 13 other trees too! 

What are you doing this year to make your Christmas special?

Super Chicken!

     Over Halloween weekend I spent five days in Houston with my mother at Quilt Market!!  My darling son Matthew was home with his Grandmother Helen.  Matt wore this great costume to school and to a Halloween party at a friends house.  It was so hysterical seeing Matt in this chicken costume. 

     What did I buy at Quilt Market?  Who did I see at Quilt Market?   That will be in the next post…my husband tells me I can send a photo from my new phone to my blog….????  Hmmm, he is usually right.

     This is Marilynn all squeezed into Brian’s car after a LONG couple of days of shopping!  Can you see how far up she has the seat?  Thankfully she is a petite person and easy to shop with.  We have a child’s shopping cart, sheets, kid sewing machine, a tea cart and so many other treasures.  Oh, I forgot – YARDS and YARDS of fabric – I bet we had over 100 yards of fabric in that car too.   Marilynn and I went to a Shop Hop meeting and had to pick up all of our fabric to give to our Quilt Minnesota shop hop customers who had gone to all eleven shops in our area.  It was hysterical seeing how much we could get into this car.  Poor Brian!  He will never go to Minneapolis with us again – or anywhere else.


When are we going shopping again???  I can’t WAIT!!

More Summer Fun

   My little sewing machine collection has grown this summer!  I am so excited to share my little passion – I am having the best time collecting these sweet little toy sewing machines.  I have found them all over on my travels.  Oh, look at the cute puzzle!  My friend Marilynn and I were in a antique mall in Minnesota and we saw it.  It has fabric numbers with buttons on them – I just love it so much!  Marilynn and I bought so many goodies that trip that we had to take some of them apart and she even had to hold some on her lap.  My poor son Brian was in the back seat of his car with more of our treasures all around him.  We could not believe everything his car could hold – we even made a stop at TJMaxx!    Thank you Brian and Marilynn for all of the great memories!


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